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Redefining Holiday Luxury, Part Two

Part two – this one dubbed “Say Forever” – of a great pair of videos from aims to redefine the idea of holiday shopping “luxury.” They’re particularly important this season, given the global economic crisis. If you like them – as I do – put them on your blog or Twitter them.


Wanted: Development Ideas for Online Social Activism

The industrious team over at Social Actions – that would be founder Peter Deitz and new arrival Joe Solomon – has created a wiki to collect ideas around what applications, mash-ups, and tools to build using the Social Actions API, which aggregates giving and volunteering opportunities from 19 different online activism platforms, including Kiva, DonorsChoose, ChangingthePresent, and

The team, which recently won some vital seed funding, plans to incubate a handful of apps over the next couple of months – and they’re actively seeking ideas and suggestions, so jump on over. Social Actions has grown rapidly in six months, and I believe the effort may well be a harbinger of the next big development in the CauseWired space; the API and the startup’s vision is entirely open and collaborative, in my view, and an and  welcome addition to the sector. Here’s a handful of the possibilities posted thus far:

  • WordPress Module – “Possibly Related Social Actions”
  • Firefox Extension – Replace Ads with Social Actions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Made Easy
  • Social Actions Maps
  • integration
  • Create a hook for Convio user profiles

That last one was mine; I think using a connector to a leading provider of high-end software to the nonprofit sector may be a winner for the various platforms. What are your ideas?