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The Power of Young Volunteers

The Christian Science Monitor notes that “90 percent of college-bound high school seniors have done community service – partly to be attractive to colleges, but partly out of goodwill,” and goes on to take a look how that translates online. The piece focuses on the work of the Case Foundation (disclosure: my firm does work for it) and the $750,000 it has committed to the America’s Giving Challenge and the Causes Giving Challenge on Facebook. And it also notes the growth of philanthropy among the elementary school set in the popular Club Penguin:

Over the holidays, 2.5 million children who play on the popular Club Penguin site (owned by Walt Disney), donated virtual coins earned by their virtual penguins. Club Penguin turned the play donations into a real gift of $1 million, dividing it among three major charities based on the children’s preferences.

The article’s conclusion: “The Internet and young givers are a natural match.”