Susan Carey Dempsey

susancdCauseWired Managing Partner and co-founder Susan Carey Dempsey has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and political campaigns. Susan is the editor-in-chief of, a global online resource for philanthropy professionals, and co-chairs the Annual Summit onPhilanthropy in New York. As a journalist for The New York Times as well as other newspapers, magazines and radio, Susan received awards for reporting on civic affairs and environmental issues from Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists. In addition to being a fundraising and communications consultant, she has served on the board of directors for many non-profit organizations including the Paul R. Carey Foundation, which assists cancer survivors by funding quality of life initiatives; the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service; St. Gabriel’s Youth House; the Northern Ireland-based Flax Trust, and the Ireland’s Children Committee of the American Ireland Fund. She co-chairs a Cancer Community of Solution group in New York, which has brought together leaders of several organizations, including the American Cancer Society, CancerCare, Gilda’s Club, SHARE, the Young Survival Network, Patient Advocacy Foundation and others to collaborate and share information and resources. For nearly a decade, Susan served as executive vice-president of Changing Our World, Inc., an international philanthropic services company that provides a wide range of consulting services to nonprofits, corporations, foundations, and individuals in philanthropy.

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[…] January 1, CauseWired Communications LLC is open for business. Susan Carey Dempsey, my longtime partner in publishing, is joining me in launching the new firm, […]

  James Magowan wrote @

FAO Susan Carey Dempsey. I was intrigued to read your piece (from March which I have only picked up on just now) on ‘patient philanthropy in Northern Ireland’. It is reassuring to learn that there are peole across the Atlantic that a) still have an interest in Northern Ireland and b) undrestand the situation. I thought you might be interested in a resource we created along with INCORE in Derry to keep people informed on the background but also the on-going initiatives in relation to peacebuilding in Northern ireland. Please feel free to use / distribute the link as you wish
We have also recently launced a web based resource for professional advisors in Northern ireland with the aim of getting philanthropy onto their agenda.
I would welcome any comment from you on its form or content. Best wishes. Dr. James Magowan

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