Birthday Wishes for Beth Kanter – and Cambodian Schoolkids

Pretty cool way to kick off a frigid Monday morning – by wishing happy birthday to my virtual friend Beth Kanter, whose energy and constant insight is one of the true fuel cells of the socially wired. This morning, 53 bloggers are writing posts about Beth, whose stories and analysis helped formed a good deal of the thinking that went into my book, CauseWired. Today is Beth’s 53rd birthday.  Her wish was to send 53 students to school in Cambodia, where she adopted her own two children.  I’ve donated.  I hope you will too – or share your own story of how Beth has influenced you.

Stacy Monk of EpicChange, who organized this virtual birthday shindig, probably said it best:

I can only imagine how many changemakers Beth supports, challenges and connects every day.  Aside from her own work in Cambodia, her thought leadership and support has surely influenced thousands of changemakers and nonprofits who are more impactful because of the work she’s done to teach us how to effectively use social media and technology to create social change.

Only one question: where’s the cake?


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  Beth Kanter wrote @

No cake, but chocolate in the class that I guess taught yesterday at Stanford! Thanks for the support over the years of the Sharing Foundation and for helping to make this the best birthday ever.

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