Season’s Greetings From CauseWired

Before we step away from our keyboards to enjoy some holiday gatherings with our families, we’d like to take a moment to thank you for your support and encouragement during our inaugural year in CauseWired Communications.

In this the season of peace on earth and goodwill toward men – and women – the CauseWired team is truly grateful for the opportunity this past year to work side by side with so many truly committed people – nonprofit, foundation, corporate and philanthropic leaders who dedicate themselves to making life better for others. It’s an honor to help them as consultants, and to play even a small role in supporting the causes they champion.

It’s been an exciting year since we launched last January – and busy. Tom’s book flew off the shelves, and he was a sought-after speaker, traveling to Toronto, Oxford and Florence to share his expertise. Susan worked closely with our sponsors at Changing Our World, Wiley and Grant Thornton to continue bringing thought leadership to the sector through onPhilanthropy, as well as our Summit, where Ali Velshi led an outstanding roster of speakers. And we were honored to work with colleagues like Allison Fine, Steve Manzi and many others on great projects.

We know we could not have had such a great year without friends and supporters like you – it’s been an adventure and a real blessing.

Happy holidays and a wonderful New Year to you and your families, friends and colleagues – you’ll hear more from us in 2010.

Susan and Tom


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