A Rooting Interest in the Charity Smackdown

Our friend Howard Greenstein is leading the cheerleading for one of the teams in the Social Media
Smackdown for Charity
– a charity fundraiser sponsored by PayPal that’s unfolding last week and this on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks. The tagline says it all: “Celebrities Compete, Charities Win.” It’s another in the growing lineup of short-term mini-campaigns designed to use social media get people active in causes.
But why go on, when Howard does a better job of telling the story:

I’ve been asked to participate in Charity Smackdown 09 – a cause marketing event contest between teams lead by Celebrities with Social Media ‘notables’ on each team. Each of the Smackdown Teams has from March 16th at 11pm EST to March 26th to raise as much money as possible for the causes.

My cause, as it has been since last year, is Stand Up To Cancer. Cancer has touched my life in terrible ways through family and neighbors over the past few years, and this is my way to give back. (More stories as the week goes on).

My team is “Team Corbin” led by musician (and High School Musical star) Corbin Bleu, and including Natali Del Conte, Tech Reporter for CNET and CBS’ the Early Show, and Jared Eng of celeb blog JustJared.com. My team is up against some stiff competition, from celeb power like Alec Baldwin and 2 of the stars of Heroes, and also from some top social media celebs like Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, WalMart’s 11 Moms, MCHammer and Chris Brogan.

You can follow the Smackdown on a minute-to-minute basis on Twitter.


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