Twitter for Women’s Rights

How do you promote the new cause-oriented documentary A Powerful Noise, raise money for CARE, and mark International Women’s Day – all at the same time, and with thousands of people getting plugged in? Once again, it’s Twitter time. The short-messaging mini-blogging tool is quickly emerging as a potent fundraising and attention-gathering tool for causes, as the Christian Science Monitor noted this week.

Last year when I was writing CauseWired, Twitter was (if you can believe) still a new platform inhabited mainly by geeks, and its organizing power was largely a theory. Fast forward a year, and Twitter’s driving major traffic and involvement (see Twestival) and raising more than a little bit of money besides. The latest “Tweet-a-thon” is being run by digital entertainment company NCM Fathom in conjunction with CARE: every message on Twitter raises 50 cents for the international agency, up to $5,000. More important (as is usually the case with Twitter philanthropy campaigns) is the attention for the cause.

A typical Tweet looks like this:

Support empowerment of women worldwide. Each tweet raises 10 cents for CARE. #apowerfulnoise

Fathom tracks the hashtags and makes the donation. And a lot of curious cause geeks will end up watching this video:

[h/t Beth Kanter]


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  Beth Kanter wrote @

This is the first or one of the first “sponsored” tweetathons – where the we didn’t have dig into our wallets to support it.

Will be interesting to see how much they raise.

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