Guest Post – Social Actions Round-up No. 22

Note: The online social activism sector is growing all the time, and sharing information and ideas is crucial to continuing that growth – and the very impact on society. We’re happy to carry the excellent Social Actions Round-up of links and resources here at CauseWired, created by the prolific and plugged-in team of Joe Solomon, Christine Egger and Peter Deitz. Enjoy it – and pass it along!

Online giving markets and other websites that facilitate online action hit the ground running in 2009. Below is our latest weekly round-up of news and recent discoveries.

News Roundup

SocialEdge is welcoming applications for the annual Global Social Benefit Incubator Competition.

RisingVoices is welcoming applications for its annual new media outreach micro-grants of $5k.

Nabuur is accepting applications for volunteer online project managers.

TakingItGlobal launches a personal fundraising campaign to support its work in 2009.

Kiva prepares to launch an open API for its micro-lending platform.

PolicyPitch is a December 2008 Ideablob finalist.

DreamBank publishes its favorite tips for a succesful and happy 2009.

Stephen Colbert joins the board of directors of

Convio is asking nonprofits for their 2009 technology resolutions.

Gina Bianchini of Ning shares her company’s three month roadmap.

Leslie Poston shares on Mashable a guest blog post called, Give Back With Social MicroFunding in 2009.

Rachel Cunliffe shares on Mashable a guest blog post called, 10 Ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009.

Firstgiving shares three online fundraising resolutions.

ModestNeeds invites the newly unemployed to apply for bridge grants.

mySociety gest a new design.

JD Lasica posts a comprehensive list of social media conferences in 2009.

Beth Kanter reports on her succesful social media birthday fundraiser on behalf of the Sharing Foundation.

Kimberly Bock writes about protecting consumer rights by becoming a citizen blogger.

Sean Stannard Stockton shares on Paul Brest’s blog a guest blog post called, What’s The Evidence For Evidence-based Theories of Change?.

Christine Prefontaine writes about the importance of investing in a community facilitator. writes about how giving can change your mind for the better.

Paul Lamb shares on mySociety his thoughts on the value of creating a social credit card (from 2006).

Recent Discoveries

Everything you ever wanted to know about Clay Shirky

2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service

GivingGame – Do good. Pass it on.

Service-learning – Using structured reflection to enhance learning from service

Ignite format presentations

Inviting Change consulting

John Haydon’s social media coaching

Economic Xchange – how the current economy impacts philanthropy

Social Actions News

Eric Cooper explains how to build a Social Actions powered application.

Our Related Ways to Take Action WordPress plugin appears on

Peter Deitz announces that Convio, NTEN and CauseWired Communications are sponsoring Social Actions’ Change the Web Challenge.

Social Actions publishes the most popular cause-related search terms from Decemb 2008.

Social Actions officially wins Reddit’s FeedANeed contest.

What is the Social Actions Round Up?

Each week, Social Actions community members post links and news about online social activism – This round-up is a summary of the links that surfaced since the last round up. Check out past roundups here.

You can tag your delicious bookmarks with “p2pchange” or include “#p2pchange” in your tweets – we’ll scoop them up and review them for future Social Actions roundups.

Social Actions roundups are syndicated on CauseWired, CauseGlobal, TakePart, and NetSquared.



  Kimberly Bock wrote @

This is a terrific round up. I’m grateful to be included with such inspiring people, although, I guess I should mention that my name is misspelled. It’s Bock, no ‘R’ .. lol 🙂

  Tom Watson wrote @

Thanks Kimberly – your work clearly deserves to be there! (Spelling fixed).

  Kimberly Bock wrote @

Are you familiar with The Policy Pitch blog? They seemed to have copied your post, almost verbatim. I’m not sure whether to allow the pingback or not.

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