CauseWired on Leading Podcast: How Nonprofits Can Use the Web to Create Real Causes

Corey Pudhorodsky has been producing the excellent 501c3cast, which deals with a wide range of issues in philanthropy and nonprofit management, since 2005 – and this week, I was honored to be his special guest on the 107th in this eminently NPR-worthy program. You can listen via the player below, but be sure to click through to Corey’s show notes and to sample the vast archive of essential programming – the 501c3cast really is a vital channel for any nonprofit leader.

I was also pleased to participate in a terrific panel on “Government by the People 2.0” hosted by the New York Software Industry Association last night in New York. Chaired by Howard Greenstein, my fellow panelists included Micah Sifry of the Personal Democracy Forum, Rachel Stern of, and Josh Levy of Over at his excellent Political Gastronomica blog, wired political consultant Sanford Dickert has a terrific live-blog of the panel (and includes his own observations).


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