Guest Post – Social Actions Round-up No. 20

Note: The online social activism sector is growing all the time, and sharing information and ideas is crucial to continuing that growth – and the very impact on society. We’re happy to carry the excellent Social Actions Round-up of links and resources here at CauseWired, created by the prolific and plugged-in team of Joe Solomon, Christine Egger and Peter Deitz. Enjoy it – and pass it along!

Each week, Social Actions community members post links and news about online social activism – This round-up is a summary of the links that surfaced in the last 7 days. You can share links and news for future Social Actions rounds-ups in the Peer-to-Peer Social Change FriendFeed Room. Check out past roundups here. You can also tag your delicious bookmarks with “p2pchange” or include “#p2pchange” in your tweets – we’ll scoop them up and review them for future Social Actions Roundups.

Social Actions roundups are syndicated on CauseGlobal, CauseWired, ContributeMedia, NetSquared, and TakePart.

Upcoming Events

Tom Watson hosted an online chat at on the subject of, “Using Online Tools for Activism.” [The transcript is up!]

TakingItGlobal hosted a launch party in Toronto (Tues, Dec 16) for the launch of its version 6.

George McCully spoke at the Ethos Roundtable in Harvard Square (Tues, Dec 16) on the subject of, “Philanthropy Reconsidered in the Internet Age.”

ChristmasFuture launched (Tues, Dec 16) its first TweetsmasFuture campaign.

Kiva will host (Wed, Dec 17) its first community conference call for lenders.

News Roundup for Week of Dec 8-14, 2008

Amazee released a white paper on Social Collaboration.

Firstgiving hosted fundraising pages for the 8th annual Santa Speedo Run in Boston.

Zazengo launched its Impact Challenge game on Facebook.

Katya Andresen blogged about a free campaign planning tool.

Pew Internet and American Life Project released a report entitled, “The Future of the Internet III.”

Craig Newmark offered his reflections on the development of a “Craigslist for Service.”

Chez Pim launched its fifth annual and highly successful Menu for Hope micro-philanthropy campaign.

Squidoo launched $30,000 Twitterdrive for Charity.

Social Innovation Camp posted a report from the recent get together in London.

David Weinberger presented at Le Web on the subject of Leadership Based on the Wisdom of Crowds.

From Poverty to Power blog linked to two collections of case studies on the effectiveness of grassroots activism.

MicroVolunteerism launched Twitter-based volunteering initiative.

Paul Brest of The Hewlett Foundation responded to Nathaniel Whittemore’s question, “What is the one thing you need to know before you donate to charity this holiday season?

Amy Sample Ward asked friends, family and the nptech community to contribute to her 26th Birthday Cause in support of Free Geek.

JD Lasica posted a review of Tom Watson’s CausedWired.

Ning Network Creators posted a tutorial on creating The Perfect Social Network.

Recent Discoveries

Can the Internet Save the Planet? Environmentalism 2.0 Slideshow

100 of the Most Essential Green Web Resources

Zoombala: Social network for social entrepreneurs

Facebook Ads 101: How to Set up and Track Facebook Ads

Dream It. Do It. Challenge

Social Actions News

The Social Actions fundraiser has raised $6,564 from 38 contributors. Thank you!

Social Actions launched its first official press release, “Online Competition Aims to Change the World by Changing the Web.”

Peter Deitz announced eight new action sources: CanadaHelps, Changents, DoSomething, KnightPulse, NGO Post, PolicyPitch, TakingItGlobal, and Wildlife Direct.

Joe Solomon welcomed Romina Oliverio as the Change the Web Volunteer Coordinator.

Romina Oliverio and Joe Solomon launched the Change the Web Volunteer Wiki.

EarthFirst added Social Actions’ Related Ways to Take Action WordPress plugin


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