CauseWired: The First Review

A quick note of thanks to Steve MacLaughlin and his Connections blog over at Blackbaud for posting (a very positive) first-ever review of CauseWired. You never know what the reaction’s going to be after months of writing, so it’s gratifying to read an in-depth review of the book that covers so many bases (millennials, politics, social networks, infrastructure etc.) while also getting the big picture. Writes Steve:

To understand the context for wired causes, Tom Watson recounts his own personal journey through the many technological twists and turns he has witnessed. He wants the reader to understand why these changes in media and technology are transforming the “underlying human impulse to help others” and how to think about where this is all going in the future.

The book is pretty personal in certain parts, and the reason is simple: you can’t write about social network as a detached observer. It’s like writing about the principles of swimming without going in the water.

Please note: we still have some review copies left to send to any blogger or writer who wants one, but they’re going pretty fast. Drop to a note to Andy Wheeler at Wiley – – with your name, site, and snail mail address for your copy. And I look forward to your review and the ongoing dialogue.


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  Virginia wrote @

I am requesting a copy now! Hope there’s one left for me, am trying to restrain myself from reading the review before the the book comes. I write for a small NPO that has recently asked me to join the conversation on their behalf. I am blogging and studying social media.As I have always been a student of human behavior and popular culture,I am a big fan and a devotee of all you genius’ and pioneers of new media.
Thank you for putting yourself out there for our benefit Mr. Watson.

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