To Increase the Scope and Impact of the Citizen Sector

Tomorrow, I’m hosting a small working lunch at Changing Our World for Social Actions, the terrific online social venture that sometimes asks me for advice. We’ll have folks from Meetup,,, DonorsChoose, Idealist, ModestNeeds and other organizations – kicked off with a presentation by Peter Deitz and Christine Egger from Social Actions. I’m really looking forward to it.

A couple of days ago, Social Actions began to announce endorsements of its mission statement and terms of collaboration and they’ve already signed up,,, DoGooder.TV,,,,,,,, Six Degrees, and I’m sure there will be more; the value of Social Action is to create a combination of cross-platform search and collaboration among the various activism and giving platforms.

But to me, Social Actions is living proof of one of the key arguments I make in CauseWired – that online social activism is growing into a real sector. That’s why I really like the mission statement I grabbed for the headline on this post, one of four simple goals:

• To increase the scope and impact of the citizen sector by connecting people with opportunities to take action.
• To help individuals become effective wired change-makers independent of their age, location, wealth, or social media knowledge-base.
• To support and serve social action platforms that facilitate a range of actionable opportunities, including fundraisers, petitions, and offline meet-ups.
• To encourage collaboration among social action platforms so that the technology underlying online social activism reflects the full potential of social media.

The rest of Christine’s post on the endorsements is here.


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  Christine Egger wrote @

Tom, can’t thank you enough for all you did to bring that lunch meeting together. What a thrill to gather for what I’m sure is just the first of many, many conversations. Some brief notes posted on our blog at:

I hope you’ll add your own thoughts on the lunch there, or here — I only had time to add the briefest of bullet points — amazing as I reviewed my notes to see just how much ground we covered! You’ll be glad to know I spent a full hour with Dr. Keith Taylor of Modest Needs this afternoon. More like-minded consensus for the need to start working together, in very meaningful ways, on issues that are of common interest to all social action platforms.

Sincerely hope you can join us in DC next week for what will surely be another great discussion among these organizations.

Thanks for all you’re doing for this sector-movement, and a special thanks for the pre-pub copy of CauseWired. It was a hot attraction at our Web 2.0 booth!

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