By Millennials, For Millennials

Beth Kanter is compiling a list of 20-something bloggers writing about a sector that is supposedly dominated by 20-something bloggers. It’s one of those great posts that 1. makes you think and 2. is teeming with links that get you started on an hours-long journey through some great resources, surfing new ideas the whole way. Here’s the intro – I’m just getting started on the fantastic collection of links, blogs and projects:

Even though I’m more like twenty-something times 2.5, I attended the “Twenty-Something Meet Up” at the BlogHer Conference. Why did I go? I keep hearing from nonprofits that one of the reasons they want to incorporate a social networking or media strategy is to reach a younger audience. So, having this opportunity listen was very valuable.

Zandria did a fabulous job of facilitating the session. There were probably about 40 or 50 women in the room – not all were twenty somethings.

I wanted to listen to what was on their minds in general, although I was particularly keen on hearing any discussions or snippets about social change, nonprofits, and activism. Julia Smith, who blogs at the idealist and was in the room asked “Where are the twenty something/millennial bloggers writing about social change, activism, and nonprofits?”

I thought to myself, now that’s a list I’d like to see.


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Doing some follow up interviews

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