Mashing Microphilanthropy

Plug-ins and widgets get released every day on the social web, but I think Friday’s release of the new Social Actions DonorsChoose plug-in for WordPress is an important milestone in peer-to-peer online social activism. For one, it’s a big step forward in the sharing of both data and opportunity in what I firmly believe is quickly becoming a real sector; and for another, it works off of three platforms and allows DonorsChoose – one of the top brands in the CauseWired movement – to reach a new audience of tech-savvy bloggers and publishers. And it’s also the first product of Social Actions Labs. Congrats are due to the super-active team at Social Actions: Peter Deitz, Joe Solomon, Eric Cooper and Christine Egger – they’ve moved from idea to API to small-scale roll-out of a micro product in short time indeed. This also shows terrific vision on the part of Charles Best and his team at DonorsChoose – they’re real leaders in this community. I’ll be using the plug-in over at my group blog for culture,, just as soon as I get a free moment. But you can see it in action already at MaxSchoolBus. [Note: I serve happily as an informal, unpaid adviser to Social Actions.]


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  Peter Deitz wrote @

Hey Tom, Thanks for blogging about our new wordpress module. We’re excited to be working with DonorsChoose for this first web app. Once our own API is ready, you can expect to see similar web apps that draw in data from the entire peer-to-peer social change sector. Here’s to mashing up microphilanthropy. And of course, thank you for your ongoing mentorship of our initiative. All the best, Peter

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