Strong Relationships via Social Media?

The “PR Guy” has an excellent white paper up about how art museums can use social networks to build stronger relationships with donors and members. Here’s a piece:

I don’t know of a single museum director who doesn’t want to stay in touch with donors and patrons. In the past, marketing and communication departments have done a variety of things to keep those interested up to date on new exhibits, research and news that affects a museum. From the perspective of a communication manager successfully using this technology, building a social network between museum staff, donors and patrons is a perfect opportunity to keep them apprised of current museum trends, activities and events. On the one hand, donors are interested in how their generosity is being invested. You can give them current reports on the museum initiatives using social network technology. This tool also allows donors to create forms, discuss museum issues and truly feel like they are a part of a growing, thriving institution – they grow more and more invested as you bring them deeper and deeper into a relationship.


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  Rodger D. Johnson wrote @


Thanks for visiting my blog, Your PR Guy. And I uber-appreciate the kind words here. From a writing prospective, we have much in common. I was a journalist, albeit briefly for two, Indiana newspapers. That was before I started working as a public relations counselor.

I also appreciate and strive to write well. So you may want to stay tuned. I’m writing another whitepaper. It’s an expansion of the one you quoted here.

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