Ron Paul Goes to the (Virtual) Mat

Banned from the Fox News debate of Republican Presidential candidates in New Hampshire Sunday, the Ron Paul campaign and its legion of wired followers is taking it protest to the Web. No surprise there: Paul’s campaign is the most-wired Republican campaign in United States history, even as the mainstream media tends to condescend to the libertarian’s potent Internet effort, continuing to treat him as a curiosity even as he begins to out-poll superstars like Rudy Giuliani. A new ProtestFox website is angry and succinct:

We need to send a message to Fox’s Rupert Murdoch & his fellow Neocon buddies that he is not Musharraf and the US is not Pakistan, yet! Fox News cannot just stifle public opinion. debate and impact a primary election by excluding Ron Paul just because they don’t like his message of freedom and liberty.”

Meanwhile, Paul backers have swamped Fox News pages dedicated to Sunday’s debate, leaving more than 1,110 comments so far. And the campaign is providing email addresses to Fox executives from Rupert Murdoch on down, flooding their inboxes with complaints. Several anti-Fox Facebook groups have formed and are signing up members quickly. So far, no movement by Fox News (which tends to favor mainstream Republicans in its coverage) despite protests from the New Hampshire Republican leadership.


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  riverbird wrote @

hey, if the pual supporters are so tech savvy, forget leaving messages and get some hackers in there to shut down the fox site all together, eh?

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